Amanda Skaff LLC is a ballroom dance instruction, choreography and wedding business.  Founded in Spring 2013 by a local ballroom studio manager and advanced instructor of amateurs as well as new professionals. Amanda decided to launch her own company to represent the dance world as she envision it and provide a better experience and better enviroment then any of the local schools she worked for could offer.  
Amanda Skaff LLC offers private lessons to ages 8 through adult. Group classes are hosted seasonally. We also conduct several student night out opportunities for her student community to join her at local hotspots and practice their dancing while she is available for guidance. 
The company has been accepted as part of the ProActive Health Network
Dancing is known to help with dementia prevention, gait, and Parkinson Desease.  Dance for mind, dance for body, dance for health!
The company currently has 2 instructors on staff providing scheduling weekday afternoons through evenings as well as weekends. 


The Vision

To cause dance to implement its roots into peoples lives that otherwise would be left subject to their own fears, but rather, inevitably develops a deeper understanding of personal goals, self-worth, partnerships, and a sense of community though dance and music.


The Mission

To create a positive, unforgettable, and personalized experience leading to lasting relationships with people who naturally want to share dance with others. 



Amanda Skaff

Amanda Skaff, a.k.a The Wedding Choreographer, was born and raised in Sioux City, IA. She spent nearly her entire life dancing  everything from ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, to the heat of the ballroom floor!

Her former involvement in three dance companies lead her from one end of the States to the other for performances, master classes, and competitions.

Her professional career includes free-lance choreography, competative high school dance team coach, award winning show choir choreographer,  Pro-Pro & Pro-Am competitive ballroom titles which lead her to managing and owning her own company, Amanda Skaff LLC! She is married but leaves her company in her maiden name to carry on her father's name with Pride!

You will find Amanda to be high-energy, patient, and able to communicate well with all ages and learning styles! She will absolutely make your lessons fun while while providing excellent dance instruction. 

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