The Truth Behind Your Wedding Dance

You're finally married! The moment you have been waiting for your whole life has come to a close when you seal the deal with those lips! Now you are faced with the traditions of the reception which you have spent late nights stressing over and planning for. You bounce around from place to place, guest to guest, and photo to photo! But when do you actually get to enjoy each other?

The first dance is one of the only moments of the evening when you get to focus on each other and have those special moments to gaze into each others eyes and think about how lucky you truly are! It's the first moment when you can have a quiet conversation at which no one can hear you because your voices are drown out in the music you specially selected to represent who you are as a couple and how you feel about each other. Some of you may wonder how that could be possible if you are the center of attention and all eyes are you? Fact of the matter is, brides and grooms alike, feel nervous about their first dance and anxiety about their guests judging them on their dancing skills or lack there of! This can prevent you from enjoying the moment. The best way to resolve this fear is to prepare!

Couples spend months, sometimes years, "preparing" for their wedding. From picking the colors to where people sit, and what readings they desire to hear! This should be the same for the first dance. You will not need or want to dance to the entire four minute version of your song if all you are going to do is sway! Learning a simple turn or two and a dip can break up the middle school style dance! It makes sense to get together with a specialized instructor to help you feel confident and capable.

The best part is that when you take dance lessons before your wedding you are actually spending quality time together! The last couple of months before the wedding get so busy with last minute details and family coming to town that couples tend to lose site of each other often times wishing the event was "over." So do yourself a favor and set a few date nights to meet up and listen to the song that brings you both together and reminds you how you feels about each other. Remember where you came from and where you're new path is taking you! Have some fun, maybe a cocktail, and definitely some laughs! Remember- i's the memories created that count the most!

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